Last week, a series of leaks attempted to answer some of our lingering questions about BlackBerry 10, including that of what hardware would be arriving when. What we had known as the London was depicted in these docs as RIM’s L-series, while the Nevada showed up as the N-series. Now a newly-leaked roadmap attempts to give us an updated sense of when these models will arrive, as well as looks at a few others that are planned for further down the line.

While we first heard that the London might arrive as soon as September, this roadmap reflects newer plans to delay the platform’s release until 2013. As such, both the London and Nevada should arrive around roughly the same time in Q1 2013, rather than being significantly staggered.

The names Nashville and Naples were among the device names revealed in the BB10 Dev Alpha software, and they appear here as 2013 models. Nashville should get here first, around mid-year, with Naples hitting closer to the start of Q4. One, if not both of these models should feature a hardware keyboard like the Nevada; if we’re going by name, both seem like N-series devices, but this roadmap could be splitting full-touch and QWERTY phones along that center line.

On the tablet side of things, there’s a 4G PlayBook due before 2012’s out, followed by a BB10 update for the PlayBook (and presumably that 4G version, as well) around the start of spring. That should be followed in the summer by a new BB10 tablet, codename Blackforest. That’s another name we know from the Dev Alpha software, and the note “128” on the roadmap could suggest that Blackforest is going to have a serious amount of on-board flash storage.

Finally, this roadmap is accompanied by the rumor that Europe will see BB10 arrive a few weeks before it comes to North America. That could mean a January launch in Europe, with NA (including RIM’s native Canada) not getting BB10 until February.

Source: BlackBerryOS
Via: CrackBerry

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