Rethinking recycling with Samsung, iFixit and the Galaxy Upcycling program

The underlying aftersales concern we have in this marketplace of consumables is the environmental impact we leave behind with waste. And with smartphones with precious metals and rare elements that are toxic to earthly lifeforms, there’s plenty of waste to do with. Add on the required inefficiencies in the recycling process and all of it might seem like a lost cause.

As the largest volume producer of smartphones, Samsung has its part to do. While Apple has a fancy new robot that makes the most of recovered iPhones, the chaebol has teamed with iFixit to host a forum on what to do with the Galaxy phones that get sent back at the end of their lives.

The Galaxy Upcycling program is allowing for users to determine what sort of causes they can “upcycle” their devices to. Certain components can still function for longer than the whole of the device and can be retooled into new devices that can, say, monitor a fish tank or act as a mini games console.

The program is accepting applicants to a beta round. Follow the link below the story to sign up.

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