If you’ve been waiting too many weeks to finally see your wireless AirPods on your doorstep, you now have new solace to keep on the pre-order line and not cancel.

A customer named Harald called into the customer service of German tech retail chain Conrad to cancel his AirPods pre-order, locked in on October 14. The representative, perhaps wanting to save a sale and weighing various factors, decided to try and convince Harald to keep his pre-order on. And they were successful in doing so.

Why? Well, Harald told Apfelpage.de that he was told that Conrad would have stock starting around November 17 and that deliveries could happen the next day or the day after. Reportedly. And, so far as we can track this, only in Germany.

Perhaps Apple is finally ready not to stall its customers from realizing their $150+ investment any further. We shall see.

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