Research in Motion in Trouble For Using BBM Denomination

Research in Motion was recently forced to rename its brand new platform from BBX to BlackBerry 10 as a direct effect of a of an Albuquerque U.S. Federal Court temporary restraining order. Basis International, and Albuquerque-based company, has been found as the trademark ownership of the “BBX” denomination, reinforced by the restraining order.

A Toronto based broadcast industry group, BBM Canada, said via Jim MacLeod, president and chief executive officer: “I find it kind of amazing that this wouldn’t have been thought about before they decided to use the name. The same thing goes for BBX”.

Apparently, when Research in Motion filed for trademark on BBM, they were told that the moniker was not registrable. Still, the company went on using the denomination and even displayed it with the proper “trademark” indicators.

After contacting Research in Motion back in August on the matter, BBM Canada is now seeking justice in court, as well as an injunction stopping the BlackBerry maker from using the name. There are also damages in the package.

Source: The Globe And Mail

Via: CrackBerry

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