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Once again, we get reports of a new AirPods series. We have received rumors that say that these new entry-level AirPods Pro could enter production soon, but there’s no possible launch date mentioned. Other rumors mention a mid-2020 possible launch, but it all depends on how the coronavirus may affect this and other Apple products. Now, new rumors say that suppliers may have everything ready for production, but they are worried about how the pandemic may affect sales.

Even though China is already reopening Apple Stores and some factories, the threat of the coronavirus is still affecting the launch dates of several devices. It has canceled events, and it’s giving us new online versions of important events such as Google I/O and WWDC. Whatever the case, we’re still getting new devices from Apple this year, maybe more iPhone 9 variants than what we were expecting and an “upcoming AirPods series” that was mentioned in the latest report from DigiTimes. It seems that suppliers aren’t that worried about the coronavirus affecting the supply chain as they are about the pandemic affecting sales. No more details are mentioned, but at least we know that we may soon get these new AirPods Pro Lite.

These new Airpods are supposed to arrive with the same design and sound quality as the AirPods Pro but without noise cancelation. Now, we would only have to wait for the COVID-19 to get under control, and maybe then we get an official launch date.

Source MacRumors

Via Digitimes

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