Report: SHAtter Exploit Leaked? iOS Jailbreaking In Trouble?

If these rumors are true, it seems the future of one of the most successful Jailbreaking methods out there is in Jeopardy. SHAtter is that nice little life saver, newer boot ROM exploit that pretty much made all future generation iPhones sitting ducks to eventual hacks. It seems that some how, this exploit has been leaked to the public, which obviously includes Apple, and is in danger of being overridden in next generation devices, or hey, who knows if it’ll even include future iOS releases.

SHAtter jailbreak unlock twitter

There seems to be a huge argument between some of the Dev Team members, mainly MuscleNerd and PosixNinja about this leak, how it happened, and it seems the argument got personal because of this. Comex jumps in to say that what’s leaked is not the real deal, but there are possibilities he could be bluffing to avoid interest in the subject.

Again everyone, I’m no hacker nor expert in the subject just yet. I’m tagging this as a report and possibility a developing story. Read more about it here to hopefully get a clearer idea of the situation. Let’s hope our freedom to choose what to do with our expensive iPhone purchase keeps getting honored by the Jailbreak community, and if something goes wrong, let’s hope Apple hires these guys to learn a thing or two about their own products ehh..


Source: Twitter

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