Report: Nokia ‘Likely’ to Adopt Windows Phone 7

Cellphone giant Nokia, already married to three distinct smartphone platforms, is now said to be “likely to use Windows Phone 7” as well. This according to a “trusted source” of Venture Beat’s, who claims that newly-apponited CEO — and ex-Microsoft executive — Stephen Elop has been given the board’s green light to explore additional operating systems and alliances.

This would not be the first time that we’ve heard such a rumor, nor would it be the first time that the two firms formed a mobile alliance: back in August of last year, Microsoft confirmed that it was developing a dedicated version of its Office products for Nokia handsets.

For Microsoft, such a deal would seem like a no-brainer, as the company can use all the hardware partners it can get to ensure maximum Windows Phone 7 saturation, and Nokia already has a very strong presence in Europe. The advantages to Nokia, however, are less clear; while a WP7 handset might help the company make some inroads Stateside (where its market share sits at paltry 3%), even a company as large as Espoo may have trouble juggling four smartphone operating systems and the associated support and ecosystems required by each.

This rumor comes days after outgoing Nokia executive Anssi Vanjoki compared the use of Android to urinating in one’s pants for warmth, with the insinuation being that temporary relief is followed by an even worse situation.

(via: Product Reviews, Venture Beat, and The Financial Times)

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