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Report: iPhone 13 production cut due to chip shortage, demand going down as well

By Sanuj Bhatia December 2, 2021, 5:01 am
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We'll give you that, Apple's iPhone 13 lineup isn't the most exciting iPhone. The new iPhone offers an overall upgrade over the previous iPhone generations, like the 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion display, bigger and better cameras, larger batteries, smaller notch, and much more. With the iPhones offering upgrades over the last generations, the initial demand for the iPhone 13 series was better than what Apple expected. The company even reserved some of the chip maker's production lines to meet the demand. However, it seems like a tough time is coming for Apple.

A report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is facing issues in iPhone 13 production. While the Cupertino-giant had already cut the orders from 90 million units to 80 million, it seems that Apple is planning to cut it down even more. The company had initially told manufacturers that the demand for the new iPhones might rise up again in the next year, but the company has told the "manufacturing partners that this may not happen."


The report claims that it doesn't expect customers to wait for long delivery times amid this chip shortage, and the chip shortage is (finally) becoming a problem for the company. The supply was expected to improve next year, but with the situation staying the same, it seems that Apple won't be able to manufacture iPhone 13 units as much as it would have wanted, and it would affect its sales.

The company started displaying guides and ads for holiday season shopping quite early this year due to the expected surge in demand and a low number of units available during the shopping season. The low supply is also expected to affect the Cupertino giant's revenue for the next few quarters at the very least.

Source Bloomberg | Via The Verge, 9to5Mac


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