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Report: Huawei’s Android OS alternative 60% faster than Android

By Anton D. Nagy June 13, 2019, 7:00 pm

Whether it will be called Ark OS or Oak OS globally is still a mystery, but Huawei’s Android alternative, dubbed HongMeng OS in China, is being developed at full speed, especially since Google revoked Huawei’s Android license as a result of the U.S. ban. Huawei has been since filing trademarks for the operating system and asking developers to publish apps on its own Play Store alternative.

According to recent reports from China, cited by GSMArena, Huawei is ready to launch devices with its own OS as early as October. However, these would most likely be mid-range and budget devices for China, and not the mainstream flagship Mate 30-series.

The report also mentions that Huawei has been developing its own Android alternative together with Tencent representatives. Popular Chinese OEMs OPPO and vivo were allegedly able to test the new OS, and their findings were that it was roughly 60% faster than Android.

Its presence on the Mate 30 has not yet been ruled out, but chances are that it will hit the Mate 30 or P40 series of phones once the OS is able to meet requirements for an international audience, hopefully once the entire ecosystem is up and running.

Meanwhile, 100 million users are expected to run Android 9 Pie-based EMUI9 on several Huawei smartphones running Google’s operating system, as the Chinese manufacturer is making the update available for more and more devices in the near future.


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