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For years, we heard rumors that Google was developing its own custom chipset for the Pixel devices, and just a few months ago, it finally revealed that the next-generation Google Pixel 6 series will indeed come equipped with Tensor SoCs. A new rumor now suggests that Google may also be working on a new higher-end chip that could power the next generation of Pixel Chromebooks.

Nikkei Asia reports that Google is working on its own chip design that will be suited for Chromebooks, and it could replace the Intel, AMD, MediaTek, and other chip manufacturers’ components. Apple’s own success may have heavily inspired the move with the recent release of the powerful and very efficient M1 Mac lineup.

The new Chromebook chips would be based on Arm’s designs, which would be similar to Apple’s M1 chip, and Google’s Tensor chipset. Both MediaTek and Snapdragon heavily rely on Arm, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google license those designs and improve upon them.

“Google was particularly inspired by Apple’s success in developing its own key semiconductor components for iPhones as well as last year’s announcement that it would replace Intel CPUs with its own offerings for Mac computers and laptops, two people familiar with Google’s thinking told Nikkei Asia.”

The new Chromebooks powered by Google’s chips may arrive as early as 2023, although there are no clear rumors or leaks about when it may debut and with what devices. The report also mentions that the new chips may be used in both “laptops and tablets,” which may sound believable, given that Google hasn’t refreshed its own Pixelbook lineup since 2019. The Pixelbook Go is still available in the Google Store, and it comes with an 8th Generation Intel processor, which is outdated by today’s standards. 

    Google Pixelbook Go

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