Video: Renting Movies From Blockbuster on the HD2

It’s always been kind of a pain to get movies onto your Windows Phones. You either had to do some special conversion and then copy it over in the File Explorer over USB, or you had to sync it through Windows Media Center and live with the low-quality conversion that gave you. Luckily, the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile USA comes with a Blockbuster application that lets you rent and buy full length high quality movies right from your phone. Not only do they look great on the HD2’s screen, but you get to access actual new releases when they’re released unlike with Netflix where you have to wait for them to show up.

There are a couple Gotcha’s to be aware of though. While you can rent the movies from your desktop Blockbuster account or the phone, you can only watch the rented movie on the device that you started downloading it to. Also be aware that the 24 hour viewing period does not start until you press play. That means you can download it right after you pay for it, but you can start watching it a couple days later (you have a month to download it before it expires). After the viewing period expires, the movie will automatically get deleted. Also note that you are only allowed to download movies over WiFi. So don’t expect to be renting movies on a T-Mobile GPRS connection while you’re camping out in the woods. The movie files are pretty large due to the high-quality video and you can’t start watching the movie until it’s completely downloaded, so expect to wait a while (40 minutes or so) before pressing play.

The Blockbuster App offers a couple other cool features as well. You can add a movie to your Queue if you have a Blockbuster delivery subscription. There’s also a useful link to find actual Blockbuster store locations near you.

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