With the next big mobile tech event taking place in just two weeks, the spotlight flips back over to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL for just a moment. Sources have affirmed the latter device’s to-market name, but it’ll be the looks that will be more striking at this point.

Droid Life revealed that the smaller Pixel 2 device, made by HTC, will arrive in colors similar to how last year’s Pixels did last year: Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue — a pale periwinkle that’s not as frosty or minty as some Nexus 5X units. Renders show only the rear of the device in the different colors, but features like the Google ‘G’ logomark, the fingerprint sensor, the oversized camera port and the glassy cap up top correspond to where previous leaks have put them.

The same outlet also has pictures of the Pixel 2 XL from LG. Its look will feature a similar glass cap on the back, but its color wlll always be black. The rest of the brushed metal body can either be black or white. Fun note: the power button on the white version is colored a reddish-pink.

Unflinching from last year’s economics, Google will offer two-year financing options for all these devices which will be priced accordingly in the following configurations:

Device Memory Price
Two-year financing
Pixel 2
64GB $649 $27.04/mo
128GB $749 $31.21/mo
Pixel 2 XL
64GB $849 $35.38/mo
128GB $949 $39.54/mo

Take a look at the pictures in more detail at the links below this story.

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