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How to Remove the RAZR M’s Unlocked Bootloader Warning

By Joe Levi October 11, 2012, 5:50 pm
unlocked bootloader warning

There are two kinds of Android users: Android Power Users, and everyone else. This tip is specifically for the former group, but "everyone else" will probably get a laugh out of it.

When you unlock the Droid RAZR M you'll be nagged with a "warning" every time you boot your smartphone:

Your device's bootloader has been unlocked, allowing critical software components to be altered in a manner that may cause damage to the device or result in injury to users. Motorola disclaims any liability for harm to person or property resulting from use of this device — and all warranties are null and void.

Visit www.motorola.com/unlockbootloader for more information, and a copy of the applicable legal agreement.

The "legal agreement" in question is a contract... and says a bunch of silly things.

Apparently you have to be at least 18 years old to unlock your bootloader, once you've done so you've voided all your warranties. If your phone somehow kills you it's not Motorola's fault. Oh, and you can only use your unlocked device on a carrier's network that has given their specific blessing for you to do so.


Really, Motorola? Really? After reading this, I'm on board with Azrienoch from XDA Developer TV.

Here's where it gets silly

Where does that nag screen come from? It turns out it's basically just the boot logo. What? That can't be right! The regular boot logo is the Motorola M, right? Yup! But that's just the top half of the image. The bottom half is the nag screen! When you unlock your RAZR M the boot process simply displays the bottom half of the picture instead of the top half. Wanna get rid of it? Just replace the picture! You can make it anything you want, as long as the dimensions and file type are correct. Or you can use the file provided in the post.

Whether you make you the logo yourself, or use the one provided at the link, to apply it you need to hook up your smartphone in Debug mode, and use the following command:

fastboot flash logo (logoname.img)

That's it! Who's going to step up and make a screengrab of Azrienoch and set it as their "unlocked bootloader" nagscreen?

Source: XDA


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