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Remix OS for PC beta lands next week with expanded compatibility

By Stephen Schenck February 22, 2016, 4:52 pm

One of the more unexpected treats from CES this year was getting to check out an interesting new take on Android in the form of the Remix OS project, bringing an easily bootable Android platform to a good amount of existing PC hardware. A few weeks after the show wrapped up we had the chance to see the Remix OS alpha release become publicly available, giving users everywhere a chance to try it out for themselves. It sounded like a solid start, but things were still a little bumpy in places – particularly when it came to device compatibility. Now it’s nearly time for the beta version to land, bringing with it a number of important improvements.

Compatibility should get a big boost – especially for users trying to take advantage of older hardware – with the arrival of support for 32-bit processors. Beyond that, we also see UEFI support landing, and the resolution of over four dozen bugs classified as “major.”

While booting from a flash drive made Remix convenient to experiment with, as it becomes a more fleshed-out release users may be tempted to make it a more permanent part of their computing setups – and to that end, the upcoming beta will provide a hard drive installer for dual-boot operation.

The beta release of Remix OS will also make it much easier for users to stay up to date going forward, as it delivers support for ongoing OTA updates.

Jide plans to release the Remix OS beta in just over a week, on March 1.

Source: Jide

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