Facebook lets you react to a post or comment with a reaction emoji. And in personal experience, I find it more expressive compared to hitting the like button or entering the comments section to type a message. If you like them too, and also happen to be a Twitter user, some good news might soon come your way.

App reverse engineer, Jane M. Wong (@wongmjane), has spotted a reaction-emoji feature being tested on Twitter. As per a screenshot shared by Wong, the retweet window now has an additional row of reaction emojis that include laughter, surprise, and a “100” emoji icon. In addition to it, you get the usual Retweet, Retweet with comment, and the new React with Fleet options.

These tweet reactions are not the same as the set you get on Facebook, but the idea is somewhat similar. However, this might just be an experiment and may never make it out as a publicly available feature. And even if it arrives, some changes to the user-facing interface can’t be ruled out.

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