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The Galaxy Note9 has everything it takes to become a top contender for the best smartphone of the year. It also might end up being the last Galaxy Note out there, but that’s a different story. The Bixby button on the side brings up Samsung’s own more-than-digital-assistant. We’ve went through all the reasons why we think Bixby rocks, so if you missed that, check out the video below.

But maybe you don’t want to use Bixby at all. On previous Samsung models, like the Galaxy S8, Note8, and Galaxy S9, disabling Bixby was just a setting away. As it turns out, Samsung is no longer offering the option to turn off Bixby, at the moment, for the Note9. In this particular case you’re stuck with both Bixby and the Bixby button which triggers it.

Samsung decided that starting with Bixby 2.0, users should no longer be able to disable the Bixby button. That will probably be the case with other Samsung phones once the company decides to make Bixby 2.0 available for them. Whenever that happens, if you don’t want to use Bixby, refrain from upgrading as much as you can.

How to remap the Bixby button on the Galaxy Note9

Luckily, there’s still an option you should consider if you don’t want to be stuck with Bixby launching every time you press the Bixby button. The developers behind bxActions, available on Google Play, have added support for Bixby 2.0.

This application does not disable the Bixby button. Instead, it offers you options to remap it, so that you can customize the action that takes place when you press the Bixby button. It is a compromise, for the moment, at least until Samsung decides to officially offer a solution.

Another compromise is that some actions, like double pressing the Bixby button, can’t be remapped at the moment. This might change in the future when either Samsung takes action or bxActions developers find a way around it.

From taking a screenshot to launching Google Assistant or turning on the flashlight, there’s an entire list of actions to choose from. The developers are also constantly working on improving the app. So, if you’re not a fan of Bixby, or its dedicated button, here’s the temporary workaround.

What you need to do is head over to the Google Play store and install bxActions. You can do that by clicking this link. Once installed, launch the application and choose one of the available actions for pressing the Bixby button. Beware that some might work, some might not, but at least your Galaxy Note9 (or another Samsung phone running Bixby 2.0) is a tad more enjoyable now. That is if you can turn a blind eye to the current glitches in the app, like Bixby still launching in the background for a split second (at the time of this writing). But, as with any application, it is a work in progress, so support the developers.

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