Release date for Honor Magic concept phone is December 16

It’s late in 2016 and all these Chinese manufacturers have started to get conceptual on us. And no, not like those gastropubs that inject nitrogen into ground meat and ground peas into dust for you to inhale.

One of those OEMs is said to be Huawei subsidiary Honor. A trip to its Chinese site these days will lead you to a splash GIF, showing off a world of mysticism and whatnot, along with teaser text to expect big things with the “Honor Magic” on December 16.

Now, what could Honor be talking about? And why is Honor, not Huawei, bringing this concept phone to us?

Well, it’s believed by Weibo tech talkers that Huawei wanted to reduce its risk in introducing what’s rumored to be a phone that has a curved display from Samsung, a battery that fills up halfway with five minutes on the charger and, most importantly, no camera nor speaker on the device body. It set the launch of this “Magic” apart from the company’s more traditional Mate 9 releases and moved its domain to the edgier Honor brand.

We’re not entirely sure if we’re talking about a complete ecosystem of modular, attachable accessories. Perhaps these limited accessories are freewheeeling (and none of those factors are mutually exclusive from each other), but if the rumors pull through, then we are definitely out of the range of the Moto Z.

Sit tight, this is going to be a crazy December… at least, in China.

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