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Our Favorite App for Unplugging from Tech is made by CooTek

By Anton D. Nagy March 14, 2019, 3:02 pm
Breeze app

In this day and age we’re living in, we often find ourselves wishing there were just more hours in a day so we can get to everything we have to do. As we race through our days pursuing our purpose, we are more and more dependent on technology, whether that’s your computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone, you name it. Modern life is a stressful life, and we just can’t seem to unplug. Or, on the contrary, we often lose our ability to focus because we’re so burned out.  But now, you can use the Breeze app to receive relevant entertainment and meditation content to help achieve your meditation and sleep related goals


Developed by CooTek and formerly known as Relax Music, Breeze is available on both iOS and Android. Whether that’s improving your focus, relaxing, or helping you get the most out of your sleep so you start fresh the next morning, Breeze brings many helpful and useful features to the table.

Where the Breeze app really shines is in its top features, which include Guided Meditations, High-Quality Soothing sounds, Bedtime stories, and other various entertainment features. With Guided Meditations you will be able to sleep better, lower your stress, as well as reduce and control your anxiety.

There’s a lot of free content which, by itself can help you achieve most of your goals. There’s also a subscription which unlocks some more advanced features including premium meditation courses and music to target more specific needs.

Whether you’re into light music or nature sounds, white noise or pink noise, the app helps you get into a relaxed state of mind. Bedtime stories is also an option to get a deep sleep and recharge your batteries for the next day.

You can grab the app for free by following the links below. All basic programs in the app are free, but in-app purchases allow you to fine tune your programs in order to suit your needs.

Grab the app for Android from the Google Play Store.
Grab the app for iOS from the Apple iTunes Store.

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