Both refurb and original Galaxy Note 7 score Wi-Fi certification running Android 7.0; wait, what?

While the regulatory approval of a major organization like the 1999-founded Wi-Fi Alliance doesn’t always mean a product will make it to market, seeking the non-profit’s certification in the first place entails a company at least considering a commercial release, running tests and so on.

Bottom line, the Android 7.0 Nougat-powered Samsung SM-N930F and SM-N935S validated earlier today could see daylight soon… er or later. But here’s what we don’t understand. That SM-N935S model number reportedly designates a controversially refurbished Galaxy Note 7 which the chaebol refused to initially acknowledge, only to confirm it’s a thing a little while ago, headed for unknown regions.

So far, so good, right? Then again, the SM-N930F code labels the original Note 7 for Europe. Yes, the one that repeatedly blew up in people’s faces (literally), warranting a costly and damaging global double recall. Just an innocent typo or a mix-up of sorts with a wrongly listed date of an older authorization document?

It could be, though a Wi-Fi Alliance goof doesn’t explain why the hazardous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 “successfully completed interoperability testing” running Nougat instead of Marshmallow. And no, updating a defunct phone to a (semi) recent OS version doesn’t make a lick of sense either. Now, we’re not saying a revival of a device deemed unsafe is in the works. But something odd is going on here, and the refurb model’s preparation only scratches the surface.

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