Apple is no longer selling the iPhone X and whatever carriers or retailers want to do with their stock, the company has no involvement in it. It has other refurbished devices it can sell.

If you want most of the essence of an iPhone X — without a second rear camera — you can get an iPhone XR with options of several colors from $749.

Or, you can go to the marketplaces for refurbished iPhone X devices. eBay seller smarter-phone is selling an unknown quantity of 64GB models for $599.99 each and there are “gray” and “silver” colors available. The devices come in box with standard accessories and with a 3-month warranty and can be used with all of the major US networks.

We don’t know to what quality these phones have been refurbished to nor who they were refurbished by. Apple and its authorized servicers have very meticulous specs for catching, fixing and releasing a refurbished product.

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