We wonder if Samsung is already starting to regret planning a Galaxy Note 7 revival that seemed so unlikely at first, seeing as how the refurbished S Pen 5.7-incher is almost making more headlines of late than the brand-new GS8.

But hey, there’s no such thing as bad press (as long as your phones don’t blow up in public), and some of the chaebol’s more hardcore fans appear genuinely excited about the Note 7R (still a tentative name). Unfortunately for them, the rebirth of the ill-fated device is slated to cover just a few select markets, presumably beginning with Korea.

Following a regulatory stop at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that means nothing for the refurb Galaxy Note 7’s US prospects, everyone expects similar authorization from the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) in Korea to come in any day now.

While it largely sounds like speculation and educated guesswork, local media reports the “refurbished phones will hit stores in late May or early June.” Apparently, “some internet vendors have already started advertising them”, which may or may not mean something, with Samsung adding to the mystery and uncertainty by stating the “launch schedule” hasn’t been decided yet.

Of course, the 3200mAh battery-packing, Android 7.0-running Galaxy Note 7R should arrive in stores way before the Note 8 does, so it really can’t be long now.

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