Refurbished Apple Pencil goes on sale for $85 ($15 off list), one-year warranty included

Both hardcore iFans and occasional buyers of iDevices are probably well aware by now of how difficult it is to score a relatively recent iPhone or iPad with a solid discount from either Apple directly or an authorized third-party retailer.

When it comes to popular accessories, like wireless AirPods, Smart Keyboards or Apple Pencils, it’s even easier for bargain hunters to get discouraged and just pull the trigger at list prices.

We honestly can’t remember seeing the iPad Pro-dependent (but separate) Apple Pencil sold for a penny less than the $94.99 Best Buy currently charges after a “grand” $5 markdown.

Until today, that is, with Apple’s own US e-store registering a rare $15 deduction from the MSRP of the September 2015-released stylus. The catch? You’re looking at refurbished units here. Used models, in layman’s terms.

But that’s not necessarily apparent and it’s unlikely to become a problem from a functionality standpoint, at least for your first year rocking the versatile note-taking, schematic-drafting, watercolor-painting tool.

That’s right, every $85 refurb Apple Pencil is covered by the manufacturer’s 12-month limited warranty, as well as a standard 14-day returns policy, not to mention each of these bad boys goes through a “rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale.” They’re really as good as new, just 15 bucks cheaper and available in “limited” numbers.

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