It’s a little late to be performing Christmastime ballet or roast chestnuts on a fire to a familiar tune, but you should be able to get along with a Chinese spec comparison video on Weibo that details how the newly-released Nokia 6 compares with Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro.

They’re both great mid-rangers in their own right and the reviewers in the video spend over half an hour going over the performance nuances between the two.

Beyond the forty-one minute mark, though, and you find yourself in la la land with the duo prepared to crack walnuts. Several shells got crushed through front and back treatments from each device and neither suffered a scratch through the process. The Nokia 6 even got an impromptu drop test.

There’s really little to “get” here, other than mild bemusement, confusion and constipat-uh, we mean consternation. But if you want to experience all that, click through to our source link.

The Nokia 6 was released exclusively in China earlier this month.

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