Early delivery strikes again! Redditor reportedly gets T-Mobile LG V20

Every so often, we hear word of a device that’s still in its pre-orders phase getting delivered to one unsuspecting customer way too early. And it gets a lot of us giddy because not only does it spike the anticipation levels and puts weight on the current moment, but it lets us peer into a regular ‘ol Joe’s or Jane’s first impressions.

By Joe or Jane, we mean a consumer and not tech media cognoscenti. We’re just snobs, right?

But anyways, SplatterMark said on the T-Mobile subreddit that he has received his box and, much to our sarcastic shock, the box looks a little like how the V10 was packaged.

When pressed for his first thoughts, the poster said:

the quality seems much better than the lg v10. The metal back is very nice. No light bleed from the second screen like the v10 […] The back is curved so it feels like it has a smaller profile. Comes with a screen protector pre-installed. Camera is wow!!!

Pre-orders for the V20 at the Un-carrier only began yesterday and SplatterMark put his in at around 9am Eastern. Other Redditors are refreshing mail couriers’ tracking pages after signing their equipment installment plan forms.

Sales officially begin at T-Mobile on October 28.

Source: Reddit
Via: Phandroid

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