A T-Mobile store manager hit and ran from Reddit with a news flash: their carrier will sell the HTC U11 Life. While HTC is set to run a variant as its Android One device, it also has a standard OEM-skinned variant as well. We aren’t sure which one T-Mobile will get.

The account and the post have both been deleted, but according to GSMArena, the message and picture tell of a shipment of a HTC U11 Life demo unit in blue along with “a bunch of accessories.” You can learn more about the device itself here.

It’s believed that both the U11 Plus and the U11 Life will get released this month, though rumors have left us unclear if both will appear at a November 2 launch event. The U11 Life will only be the Android One phone that will make it to the United States after the Moto X4, taken up by Google MVNO Project Fi.

The moto x4 is such an disappointment for me. Gonna see how the u11 life plays out. Potentially could be my next phone. My only beef Would be the relativity small battery size and lack of headphone jack.

— /u/jdaclutch

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