No company that has a price matching policy worth its salt will go out of its way to be loud about it. Big box retailers, tech retailers, even Apple has a program. Up until now, though, Infinite Loop capped its match at up to 10 percent.

According to a new /r/Apple thread on Reddit informed by word from Apple management, that cap is now gone. The price matching policy also now applies to iTunes and Apple Store gift cards. But your comparison venues will be limited to brick-and-mortar locales “like Costco or Best Buy,” not Amazon.

The face value of this word might be verified with a trip to the Apple Store, but employees might not acknowledge the policy if you don’t have a price-comparable item to point out. The sound of this will make it a little tricky to fully verify, but we’ll attempt to if we’re able to. Let us know if you’re able to break the 10 percent cap yourself!

Speculation in the thread fingers Macs as the expected bell to ring for most as retailers are inducing discounts to get aging models to sell. You might also see some price drops to take advantage of with older models being shoved aside for new iPads and iPhones.

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