RED CEO James Jannard has unloaded a blast of information on carrier availability and pricing for the cinematography firm’s first mobile phone, the Hydrogen One. There are also clarifications on different versions with different material choices.

Those who currently have a pre-order with RED and aren’t working for a competing company can sign up to get a developer model called the Houdini. It’s meant to be a beta experience of the complete hardware-software package — most of the advanced apps for editing holographic footage — which you can learn more about here — color spacing and even the basic camera app are works in progress. The program is first come, first serve.

Houdini units will ship to program signees from an undetermined date — Jannard had originally targeted distribution from August 31, but it seems things have changed. Feedback is required to quash bugs and flaws, though public posts of the device and “good images from the camera” are encouraged.

From October 9, official Hydrogen pre-orders will begin to be fulfilled. Those who ordered the titanium build will be second in line as this version has proven difficult to make, so the black aluminum finish will be boxed and moved first.

AT&T and Verizon along with Telcel in Mexico will debut in aluminum on November 2 for $1,295. Titanium will be available to the wider public in limited quantities sometime in 2019.

A lot of behind-the-scenes action has put off the release of this phone from summer to late in the year, but soon enough, fans and lay people will be able to determine for themselves whether the RED Hydrogen One is a good investment for their wants and needs. From there, it may be a matter of success or failure before the fate of a Hydrogen Two is considered.

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