Things have been awfully quiet on the RED Hydrogen availability front since pre-orders were kicked off way back in July at a starting price of $1,195, with very few details on the holographic phone’s specifications, and little more than a general idea of how it might look.

But “Red leader”, founder and owner of the professional digital cinematography and photography camera-making company, Jim Jannard, is finally breaking the silence to proudly announce his current phone is a “working” Hydrogen One.

The name implies there will be more, although Jannard is “totally happy” if he doesn’t manage to sell a single phone, as he already has exactly what he wanted. Specifically, a beastly mobile device capable of displaying 2D content at standard 2560 x 1440 resolution “completely as you would expect”, with “fantastic color and brightness”, as well as producing “better than 3D” images in 4V (holographic) mode, no glasses needed.

If you’re having trouble understanding precisely what that means, it’s probably because “there is no way to describe this.” You “just have to see it”, claims Jannard, which may happen sooner than you think.

No sooner than April, though, when the technology will “probably” be “previewed and demonstrated” for potential content providers and pre-order customers. Unlocked RED Hydrogen One units should start shipping before the summer, with “carrier phones” likely to be released “sometime in the summer.”

That’s right, carrier support is described as “unprecedented” and “as good as it gets”, which at the very worst should mean the groundbreaking phone will be certified for use on major US networks.

In addition to revolutionary display tech, multichannel spatial sound, a “multi-component” modular system and industrial design that “looks cool as hell”, the Hydrogen One will also have a Snapdragon 835 processor, headphone jack, dual SIM slot, and 4500mAh battery going for it. Let’s not forget about a native ability to shoot and create 4V content (no extra module needed), and a “solid” build that makes this “just slightly bigger than other 5.7-inch cell phones.”

Before you get too excited, keep in mind no one’s actually seen this “working” prototype in action yet. Realistically speaking, that summer carrier rollout feels a little overly ambitious.

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