RED Hydrogen One delayed until August to incorporate 4-View cameras into base device

Jim Jannard’s RED camera company has been working to build a modular smartphone best fit for its cinematographers used to all the tools on its 8K format machines. But a smartphone is not a DSMC2 system.

In an update posted to REDuser forums, Jannard admits that he and his company “have no idea whatsoever what we are doing” in building the Hydrogen One. This has contributed to a delay of launch from the first quarter of this year to the late in the third.

But the main factor in bumping the release, now to August, is to increase the sensor load on the base device to allow for 4-View holography recording for the price of entry. That means four cameras instead of one that will allow the “brain” to “look around” an object directly in front of it. It’s a feature well worth the delay for many movie makers, especially considering where RED comes from.

“If that makes you uncomfortable… all I can say is this is exactly the same situation we were in when we announced the RED ONE,” said Jannard, who also ran the Oakley sunglasses retail chain. “We had no idea what we were doing, no clue about the cinema industry, etc. ‘What does a sunglass guy know about high end cameras?'”

Jannard shows his inexperience in the mobile field by commenting, according to CNET, that the company is looking to get a simultaneous launch with cellular carriers — a notoriously difficult task, especially for startups run even by a co-founder of Android.

Still, it’s not a chance he’s giving up on and he hopes that his customers won’t give up on him.

“If you are nervous at all, as you have the right to be… sit it out and wait. No shame in that. If you want to jump on and enjoy the ride from the beginning… welcome aboard. I won’t forget who took the leap of faith.”

RED cameras owners are invited to the company’s Hollywood studios for a private preview of Hydrogen on May 19.

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