RED Hydrogen One changes confirmed, modules affected

After hours of wrangling and rhetoric from within its fan forums, cinematography company RED has finally confirmed to Hydrogen One owners that its first Android phone will have a different post-release development path than originally thought.

RED founder Jim Jannard posted a major update in the community saying that the “a series of obstacles and then new discoveries” have led to a shift in leadership. The company’s HYDROGEN team will now report to RED lead Jarred Land and will be working on a “new in-device image capture system,” leaving fans to infer that the modular accessories program is dead.

Jannard acknowledges the concerns people have had when they found that depictions of the professional 2D cinematography module had disappeared from the Hydrogen One’s website without warning.

“As I have said before, everything can and will change,” Jannard said.

The executive wraps up by saying that his customers will be “obsolescence obsolete” if they buy into the new professional image capture program. This has led to further inference that the RED Hydrogen One is pretty much at the end of its development life.

“The statement while light on details is very clear,” said forum user Andrew Thomas. “The [Hydrogen One] and it’s (sic) promises are dead, and a new device designed by Jarred’s team at Red will take its place with in device imaging. This is why Jim says Hydrogen owners will be taken care of in the transition to the new system.”

We’re working to get more details on the story and will update if we hear back from the company’s public relations.

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