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5 reasons we love the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

By Aryan Suren August 6, 2021, 9:00 am

If you read our recent comparison between the Dreame T30, Tineco Pure One S12, and Dyson V11 Animal, you may have an idea about the value offered by Dreame’s products. With this article, we will be focusing on another home cleaning smart appliance, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro — their latest Robot Vacuum — and discuss five reasons as to why we love this product and think you will too.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Auto Empty Base

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Automatic Cleaning Base

To begin, let’s turn our attention to the robot vacuum’s Auto Empty Base, which is responsible for not only charging but also making sure it’s ready for a cleaning session with an empty dust tank.

Dreame states their base design includes double air ducts, one which focuses on blowing and another which sucks the debris into the dust bag. The suction inlet has a strong seal made to prevent any leakage during what Dreame claims is only a ten-second long cleaning process. Amongst other features, the Z10 Pro also lets you configure cleaning sessions for the dust tank within its application.


In case you’re ever worried about blockages. Don’t be. Because the system can use its sensors to check the air duct for debris — in real-time — to ensure there is no loss in efficiency. It also periodically cleans itself with sessions that last longer than ten seconds, without user interruption.

Dust Tank, Water Tank, and Dust Bag Capacity

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Dust Bag Capacity

Apart from charging, more on that later, another reason for your robot to visit its station between cleaning is a filled dust tank. To minimize these trips, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has a 400ml dust unit; responsible for storing collected debris. But what makes this system work the best is the 4L dust bag present in the Auto Empty Base of this product, which reduces the number of times you have to empty the bag to ensure hassle-free cleaning.

Also, another function of this product is its mopping ability. To ensure the device doesn’t run out of water when cleaning, Dreame has designed a 150ml water tank, controlled to ensure there’s no water left behind on the floor and that it’s enough for a cleaning session.

LIDAR Mapping System

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro LIDAR capability

Having understood why we like the device in terms of it reducing hassle for the end consumer, we’ll now focus on the system used to plan its routes to ensure your house remains clean. Dreame Bot Z10 Pro uses a combination of LDS LIDAR navigation and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithms to map your home the first time you run it. This model is improved as you use the device, increasing its efficiency as time passes.

This system is also responsible for helping the robot vacuum gauge its surroundings to avoid entanglement and understand what obstacles it can climb over with its 1.8cm clearance over the ground.

The Z10 Pro also can save three different maps on its system to allow multi-floor cleaning if desired.

Cleaning Modes on Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro in a living room

A key feature for any robot vacuum is the suction force it can produce, and the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has one of the highest-rated values we’ve seen, at 4,000Pa. It’s made available in its Turbo cleaning mode and can help remove the finest dirt or stubborn particles which won’t clear. Apart from this high power mode, users can also find three other options, Standard (uses 1,800Pa), Strong (1,200Pa), and Quiet or Eco (800Pa).

As mentioned earlier, followed by suction, it also performs a mop function, and the intelligent water tank will ensure the floor cleaned by the robot remains dry and impeccably clean.

But what good is all that power if your robot is always hurrying back for a charge?

Two hour-long Battery Life

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro features a large 5,200mAh cell encased within its chassis, which promises effective cleaning for 250 square meters of area (which translates to approximately 2,700 square feet) or up to 150 minutes of runtime based on the configured cleaning mode. Users can create no-go zones and set areas for selective cleaning, which helps your vacuum work without stopping in the middle of a session.

Extras on the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro supports Amazon Alexa

Apart from the primary features of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro that have us satisfied, the ground clearance mentioned above is a welcome design implementation, meaning getting over a window or door sill tends to be a non-issue. Next, the easy availability of DND mode, scheduled cleaning, and Carpet Boost are all additions which only gain appreciation over time. The availability of Alexa may also help you to tie it into your household with ease.

So we think if you’re looking into buying a robot vacuum without hurting your wallet too much, the Z10 Pro is a great option to consider. In addition to the product, the detailed FAQ section available on their website also helps make your ownership experience a lot simpler and allows you to navigate any problems with ease. A plus for any consumer device!

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is an affordable robot vacuum, perfect for keeping your space clean and dust-free at all times. Its wide variety of features at a competitive price makes it worth considering against other options available on the market.


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