Yesterday, we wrote that Realme might launch its first laptop soon, sometime in the future. Today, the CEO of Realme, Madhav Max has posted a teaser image on Twitter, suggesting that the laptop might arrive a lot sooner than we initially thought.

The tweet posted by the CEO sadly doesn’t reveal much, but it shows a teaser image with a date and headline on it, clearly stating that “Another GT is coming”, with the date showing 5:30PM IST, June 15th. The tweet also mentions that there are new product categories coming, suggesting that we will not only see the laptop, but also a tablet from the company.

In our previous article, the CEO showed us a laptop in a bag, revealing some parts of the laptop. It will have a slim design and a metal build, also come in silver color. In terms of design, it looks very similar to Apple’s Macbook Pro lineup. We don’t have any information or leak about the specifications, so we are uncertain what processor it will be powered by, whether it’s team Intel or AMD. The laptop will likely have multiple variants and models, each offering different processors, potentially display sizes, ram configuration, new colors and more. The laptop will supposedly be called “Realme Book”, which should hardly come as a surprise to anyone. It will supposedly run Windows 10 and have a 3:2 aspect ratio display.

While we are unsure about the exact details, we know that Realme’s parent and sister companies (Including Oppo and Vivo) also produce laptops, so they may have collaborated in design and build, but that’s just a wild assumption at this point. We’ll cover the announcement in detail and bring you all of the information that you need to know, so stay tuned for it next week.

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom.

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