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Realme is the 7th top smartphone brand globally, and it’s growing rapidly, thanks to its great price point, excellent technology, and innovation. The company introduced its 125W SuperDark charger in 2020. Realme just unveiled its brand new MagDart technology, a magnetic wireless charging solution to charge a smartphone and attach additional accessories to it.

Realme has introduced a number of new products that support the company’s latest magnetic technology, MagDart. MagDart is very similar to Apple’s MagSafe technology that can magnetically attach to the back of the device, offering several new accessories to connect and charge. The company has also announced its first concept device that supports the new charging standard called Realme Flash.

Realme MagDart Technologies magnetic wireless charger and accessories

For comparison, Realme has also shared how its MagDart technology compares with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging technology:


And here are the announced MagDart accessories and chargers:

  • MagDart Charger (Fastest): It’s a 50W charger that’s advertised to charge a 4,500 mAh battery in just 54 minutes wirelessly, which is very impressive and one of the fastest on the market today.
  • MagDart Charger (Thinnest): It charges at 15W, and it’s a small and portable charger.
  • MagDart Powerbank: It is attached to the back of the device and starts charging instantly.
  • MagDart Beautify Light: Like the rest of the accessories in this lineup, it attaches to the back of the device and has 60 mini LEDs built-in to light up selfies and normal photos. The lights can be flipped to work for both the primary camera on the rear or the front selfie cameras. It also has a charging coil built-in to support wireless and reverse wireless charging.
  • MagDart Wallet: It attaches to the back of the device, and it even includes an aluminum stand and can hold up to 3 cards.
  • MagDart Case: It’s designed for the Realme GT, and it provides support for the MagDart charging technology while also providing some protection against drops and scratches.

Realme has also announced the MagDart Fusion Plan that allows other companies to use the technology and implement it into their products, so it remains to be seen if other companies will follow and join this newly introduced standard.

    Realme GT

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