As of yet, the Razer Phone has only been made available in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. But the first Android smartphone targeted to gamers has yet to reach China, where competition has already been stoked up by players like Xiaomi and nubia.

Is an entry into the mainland at this point just too late? Razer is about to find out.

The company’s Weibo account put out a teaser telling people that it’s “TIME TO PLAY” starting on May 22. It’s highly suspected that the Razer Phone (or some smartphone) will be brought out.

The Razer Phone brings last year’s Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm to the competition’s Snapdragon 845, but it also has an exclusive grip on the first 120Hz smartphone display and 8GB of RAM. The company could risk bringing in a six-month-old product to a 2018 fight, which leaves some wondering if the entire design much less the chipset should be updated.

The biggest question at this point is on price: costs for the Black Shark and Red Magic phones range between ¥2,499 and ¥3,499, or roughly $400 to $550. The Razer Phone launched in the United States at $700 and has fallen to $600 with recent discounts.

Will the Chinese audience have to adapt? Should it have to? We’re a week away from knowing all the details about what will debut from Razer.

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