Razer's Pikachu-themed earbuds
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This one is for all the Pokémon lovers out there. Razer’s new Pikachu-themed earbuds are a variant of existing Hammerhead buds.

These include a Pokéball charging case, which offers an additional 13 hours of use. As for the buds, they last for up to three hours on a single charge. Based on the Razer Hammerhead, the Pikachu-themed earbuds are expected to feature a 13mm driver unit.

Further, the earbuds are said to offer a low input latency of only 60ms. For reference, Apple’s AirPods Pro features a latency of 144ms. Hence, the feature will allow the delay to be very low between the audio signal being sent and when you can hear it.

Pikachu-themed earbuds

Moreover, Razer’s Pikachu-themed earbuds are touch-enabled and are compatible with the smartphone’s voice assistant.

The product will go on sale in China from April 16 for ¥999 (~ $141 / £112). There is no word on the release date for other markets.

Source: Zing Gadget
Via: TechRadar

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