Razer Project Linda Hands-on: This is awesome! (Video)

Gaming-focused computer veteran Razer has made a habit of demonstrating ambitious, droolworthy or just outright crazy concepts at major trade shows like CES, so we can’t say we’re shocked to see Project Linda aiming to bridge the gap between mobile devices and laptops this year.

After all, the Singaporean-founded company has made quite a few waves with its smartphone-making debut not long ago, and the Android laptop dream is one many of us expected to be realized by now.

Well, there hasn’t been a better time to try than in this day and age, when 8GB RAM is about to become the mobile industry standard, and the Snapdragon 835 processor is already powering “always-connected” Windows 10 S notebooks.

By far the coolest thing we’ve been able to spend some one-on-one time with at CES 2018 so far, Project Linda sure feels almost ready for primetime. The Razer Phone very conveniently and swiftly docks to the lightweight aluminum laptop body, lighting up the 13.3-inch Quad HD screen in one or two seconds, and detaching just as easily.

Perhaps the nicest surprise of the hybrid setup is the user interface, which seems inspired by Windows from a functionality standpoint in such a way that it boosts productivity but shouldn’t attract a lawsuit.

A neat full-sized keyboard with customizable backlit keys also helps you forget this is not technically a full-fledged computer, although separate storage and a bunch of ports further keep up the illusion.

For the time being, the jumbo-sized display doesn’t support touch, but other than that, this concept may not need a lot of work to become a commercial reality.

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