Reviews of the new Razer Phone for the hearty gamer have found it to be completely adequate as a machine for button mashing. It’s got a great multimedia experience and terrific battery life for all the muscle that needs electrification.

But among its weak points are the cameras. Early wave reviewers say the dual-camera experience at back is poor. Noisy. Dark. And the selfies are just as bad.

Well, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan took to Facebook to give a low-down on the future of the 12-megapixel rear cameras and 8-megapixel front-facer.

“While we focused on making sure that it is an amazing camera for the Razer Phone out of the gate,” Tan posted, “we are constantly testing, optimizing and making improvements to our camera software.”

Indeed, it’s the software that will need to be optimized for better shutter speed judgments as well as a better low light mode in general. The fixes will arrive in the coming weeks. Completely new features like an “instazoom button” to get to the maximum optical range on the zoom lens and quarter-speed slow motion recording as well as 60 frames per second video will come in monthly wave updates to the camera app. The most important ones will go in tandem with the Android Oreo update early next year.

Oddly enough, another $699 device that has had its photo experience panned to high heaven is the Essential Phone. Even with updates to the camera, it still hasn’t produced what many would consider a product on-par with what the Google Camera app could make. Perhaps that app may be the best workaround in the meantime — if you can get it to work in the first place.

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