Dreamy Razer Phone specs surface online, including 120Hz display, 8GB RAM and 4000mAh battery

Today seems like the perfect day to find out more about Razer’s first monster smartphone, which is widely expected to be officially unveiled tomorrow, at a (not so) mysterious London keynote.

You may not be able to dress up as this beastly Android handset at that hip Halloween party tonight, since we have a pretty good idea, but we don’t know for sure how the Razer Phone will look, front, back, sides and all.

We also can’t be 100 percent certain the specifications revealed in an early benchmark a few weeks ago are legit. All the signs appear to point in the same general direction, though, with a colossal 8GB RAM at the top of a spec sheet “confirmed” by 3G.co.uk today.

It’s very important to highlight this is not the official website of local mobile network operator Three, belonging instead to a 1999-based “independent mobile phone blog covering the world of mobile here in the UK.”

Still, 3G UK is a long-time affiliate of Three UK, and although this placeholder listing is an obvious attempt at scoring free media attention, as well as a favorable place in Google searches, that doesn’t necessarily mean the information is false.

If it is true (and that remains a big if), the Razer Phone looks pretty mind-blowing on paper, with not just the best processor and most RAM available in tow, but also a 5.72-inch IGZO display with 120Hz refresh rate and Wide Colour Gamut that sounds ideal for hardcore gaming on the fly and advanced VR applications.

The rear-facing dual cameras purportedly include a 12MP f/1.75 wide-angle lens and 13MP f/2.6 zoom sensor, with a Dolby Atmos sound system and dual front-facing speakers and amplifiers in charge of possibly the greatest audio experience the Android world has ever seen heard.

And don’t worry, the autonomy of this mobile powerhouse should be… acceptable, at the very least, thanks to a large 4000mAh battery with Quick Charge 4+ that sounds capable of keeping the lights on for a full work (or play) day.

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