When it was first announced, almost 20 months ago, the low-cost Razer Nabu wearable device flew deep under our radar. It’s like we could sense its experimental nature, which ultimately kept the smart band on the sidelines all this time.

Gaming accessory manufacturer Razer attempted to commercially launch the Nabu late last year, but quickly went back to the drawing board after modest initial customer reception. Now, an upgraded, refined and slightly pricier variant looks finally ready for primetime, with September 15 slated as a pre-order start date, and shipments due at some point the following month.

For $100, the revamped Razer Nabu offers all your Fitbit Flex-grade fitness tracking essentials, plus a single color 128 x 16 pixels resolution OLED screen. That should just be bright and large enough to comfortably display your indispensable smartphone notifications while going easy on the battery, which is rated at a respectable 6-day autonomy.

Hilariously and gorily advertised as the ultimate zombie survival tool, the Nabu keeps you fit, counting steps, monitoring calories burnt, distance traveled, active minutes, sleep duration and quality, as well as helping you with various athletic goals.

Compatible with both iPhones (running iOS 8 or higher), and Android handhelds (on 3.4 OS builds or up), the fitness band is redesigned to provide superior build quality and ergonomics, and it’s rain, sweat and splash proof. Careful now, it’s not entirely protected against water, so don’t be taking it for a swim every other week.

If this sounds like a robust but somewhat pedestrian entry into the hyper-crowded wearable space, we should also mention Razer is insisting on the social facet of the Nabu, where it allows you to exchange info with a fellow owner of the same device by simply shaking hands, play multiplayer games on your wrist, and seamlessly share and compare activity data with old and new friends. That’s quite the original marketing angle, now let’s wait and see if it can truly help the Nabu stand out.

Source: Razer

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