First announced (more like teased) way back in June 2014, one of only three consumer Android TV devices ever released barely saw daylight this spring. Though manufactured by a respected gaming juggernaut, the Razer Forge TV appeared doomed off the bat, with very timid marketing efforts, pretty impressive hardware but deeply flawed software.

It wasn’t long until Nvidia rolled out the Shield Console, aka Shield Android TV, which despite a higher price tag, quickly managed to garner a decent audience. With last year’s Nexus Player also around at $80 or so (sometimes $50), the Forge TV’s days were numbered, and indeed, Google seems to have thrown in the towel.

Both the set-top box and dedicated controller are listed at the search giant’s online store as “no longer available for purchase”, and we presume it’s a matter of time before they’ll disappear altogether. Meanwhile, Razer and third-party retailers like Amazon still struggle to clear lingering inventory, probably to no avail, starting at $100.

It’s obviously highly unlikely we’ll ever see a second-generation Forge TV, but Razer could try its hand again at so-called microconsoles, following a recent and surprising acquisition of Ouya, the company behind the product that paved the way for non-Android TV Nvidia Shields or the ill-fated GameStick.

Many believe this to be an aimless venture though, as Xboxes and Playstations should take care of gaming, and digital media players such as Amazon Fire TVs, Apple TVs and Chromecasts should be left handling your entertainment needs. Do you agree?

Source: Google Store
Via: AFTV News

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