Rumor has it Qualcomm needs to move Snapdragon 830 orders from Samsung to TSMC

As if Samsung wasn’t in enough financial trouble after the far-reaching Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation, its largest chip-making contract for next year may well fall through at the last minute.

Granted, Qualcomm never confirmed recent speculation of Snapdragon 830 orders from the world’s number one smartphone vendor and a leading innovator in processor, memory and display technology, among others.

But with TSMC still working behind the scenes on 10nm semiconductor device fabrication, QCM’s choice was apparently made easy. Until Samsung reportedly fell behind schedule producing the game-changing, super-energy-saving 10 nanometer SoCs, leaving the San Diego-based king of smartphone processor designs with very few options.

Two, to be exact, having to either wait for Sammy to clean up the Galaxy Note 7 mess and get its ducks back in a row, or return to a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company partnership, and presumably rely on the old 16nm node. Unless TSMC can pull a rabbit out of its hat, quickly send 10nm samples to interested handheld makers, and ramp up Snapdragon 830 mass production in a few short months.

For the time being, it sounds like Qualcomm is caught between a rock and a hard place, needing to ponder commercial SD830 delays that could ruin the early 2017 Android flagship release plans of many top-tier OEMs, including HTC, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and yes, even Samsung.

Source: Digitimes

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