If you’re wondering why Qualcomm would already look to introduce “something to replace what many consider the best mobile processor available today”, it turns out that won’t actually happen until spring, when the Snapdragon 830 will probably see daylight inside the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

For now, the San Diego-based semiconductor giant and unchallenged market leader merely wants to “complement and extend the competitive strengths of the Snapdragon 800 lineup.” Enter the 821 (not 823), expected by some to power the fall wave of Android high-enders, Galaxy Note 7 and HTC Nexus “Marlin” included.

Indeed, QCM confirms, commercial Snapdragon 821 availability shall kick off in the second half of 2016, with unnamed smartphones, tablets and even mobile VR head mounted displays on board to raise the performance bar. By roughly 10 percent, it seems, courtesy of overclocked 2.4GHz Kryo CPU cores, as pretty much everything else stays the same.

Same 600 Mbps X12 LTE modem the SD820 integrates into its 14 nm architecture, same Upload+ and Ultra HD Voice technologies, and likely, a very similar Adreno 530 GPU running at a slightly higher 650 MHz frequency. Bottom line, the Note 7 will predictably outperform your Galaxy S7, but we’re still a long way from deeming the latter obsolete.

Source: Qualcomm

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