Qualcomm unveils mid-range Snapdragon 450 smartphone SoC, low-end Snapdragon Wear 1200 platform

Qualcomm just made a big splash at the other Mobile World Congress, hosted by Shanghai, taking the wraps off a super-advanced, innovative fingerprint scanning solution that Vivo is adopting as a little pre-release experiment before the industry’s top dogs get to make mainstream.

But the San Diego-based semiconductor master has something up its sleeve for manufacturers of mid-range smartphones and tablets, as well as ultra-low-cost wearables aimed at kids, pets, elderly users and casual fitness buffs.

No prizes for guessing what middling processor the Snapdragon 450 “mobile platform” follows, delivering “significant improvements in battery life, graphics and compute performance, imaging and LTE connectivity.”

Compared to its 435 predecessor, this “dramatically” upgraded SoC is purportedly 25 percent faster when it comes to both CPU and GPU speed. A major jump from 28 to a 14nm FinFET process also results in up to four additional hours of usage time on the same battery capacity and single charge, not to mention 30 percent less power consumption in typical gaming scenarios.

Shutterbugs on a tight budget should be happy to hear the Snapdragon 450 is the first 400-series silicon supporting real-time Bokeh (live Bokeh) effects, with up to 13 + 13MP dual cameras or a single 21-megapixel main shooter.

Expected out in “consumer devices by the end of 2017”, the hot new chipset wraps up its more than respectable spec sheet with Quick Charge 3.0, a Snapdragon X9 LTE modem and USB 3.0 compatibility.

The Snapdragon Wear 1200 platform, meanwhile, is a little more mysterious, though it does sound an awful lot like the 1100. Its LTE capabilities are apparently beefed up, along with energy efficiency, power management, overall size, battery life and security. So, pretty much everything, even if the upgrades are probably marginal.

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