Qualcomm is releasing new components that will bring 600MHz reception to upcoming phones — not including the current LG V30. These parts will work with most any Snapdragon 200-, 400-, 600- and 800-series chipsets.

The new RF Front-End portfolio has amplifiers, tuners, duplex and receive filters that will all work strictly for providing Band 71 LTE to smartphones and smartwatches. T-Mobile won swaths of 600MHz licenses from the FCC auction earlier this year and more phones destined for that network may be expected to carry that band soon. Internet of Things devices are also to take advantage of the bandwidth.

About the intrigue with the V30, the first to support T-Mobile’s Band 71: one Qualcomm representative speculated to Android Central that LG may have used off-the-shelf and custom parts to get that support.

Meantime, commercialization for the new portfolio should begin at the end of the year.

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