Forget Twitter, this fall’s biggest tech acquisition could see Qualcomm snap up NXP

The vast majority of today’s popular premium smartphones, iPhones not included, are powered by Snapdragon chips, despite Qualcomm’s highly publicized 810 overheating woes just last year.

The San Diego-based semiconductor giant is also making decent headway in the low to mid-end handheld space, where MediaTek remains quite competitive, while the next wave of smartwatches should adopt its own custom-designed Snapdragons.

Still, there’s plenty of room for further growth and expansion, particularly in the fast-rising IoT landscape, and QCM reportedly feels NXP Semiconductors would help it keep rivals like Broadcom or NVIDIA at bay while closing in on Intel.

With an estimated market value of over $90 billion, which is still roughly half of Intel’s capitalization, Qualcomm could cough up as much as $30 billion to buy the world-leading semiconductor supplier for the Secure Identification, Automotive and Digital Networking industries, itself a mammoth with a 2015 revenue of $6B and market worth of at least $28 billion.

To put all those numbers into perspective, let us remind you our top five list of the biggest acquisitions in mobile technology history a few months back was ruled by a 2015 $37 billion Avago – Broadcom semiconductor deal.

In the meantime, Verizon agreed to throw Yahoo a $5B lifeline, Microsoft splashed around $26B on LinkedIn, ARM moved to SoftBank ownership in exchange for $31B, and Twitter is purportedly in talks with several interested parties, though any bid over $15B seems excessive and unlikely. Bottom line, Qualcomm might be in for a whopper of a corporate acquisition.

Source: Bloomberg
Image source: The Country Caller

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