Qualcomm and Meizu reach patent license agreement for 3G/4G technology

Even when you’re as big as Qualcomm in both the chipmaking business and 3G/4G technology patents, you can still win some, and then lose some. And then win some more.

Right before a very eventful 2016 wrapped up for the future owner of fellow semiconductor giant NXP, the San Diego-based designers of all those uber-successful Snapdragon mobile processors, as well as various modems and smaller but essential cellular components, announced yet another licensing agreement.

This time, it’s Meizu that chooses to settle all patent disputes out of court, conceding the payment of unspecified royalties going forward consistent with the terms of a new “rectification plan” submitted by Qualcomm to China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

There should be no more legal battles between these two in China, Germany, France, the US or anywhere else, with Meizu “determined to remove all obstacles, focus on products and the future” in its mission to “become the top designer brand for high tech products.”

For its part, Qualcomm is “pleased to help enhance Meizu’s product line and generate strong growth for the company, both in China and globally.” Wait a minute, is the OEM targeting a big Western expansion all of a sudden? It’s possible, and now, there’s no hurdle in the development, manufacturing and distribution of devices featuring Qualcomm-patented CDMA2000, WCDMA and 4G LTE technology.

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