Qualcomm loses two battles in patent war with Apple

Qualcomm has been denied actions it is demanding of Apple in the midst of ongoing litigation alleging that the chipmaker is engaging in anti-competitive behavior.

In federal district court, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel put down a motion that would force Apple’s parts suppliers to pay royalties per a patent licensing agreement while the court is determining rates for licenses. The San Diego-based company also wanted to prevent Apple from filing parallel lawsuits in other regions — that motion has also been denied.

What this ultimately means is that Qualcomm will have to present a case for how much it is owed by Apple’s parts manufacturers and work Apple’s suits in China, Japan, Taiwan and the UK.

Apple and the Federal Trade Commission are pursuing legal action against Qualcomm for not offering fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory terms on what they consider standard essential patents. Other coercive behavior that’s been alleged includes withholding or the threat of withholding product from contractors who also license and buy from Qualcomm’s competition.

In balance, Qualcomm is said to have retaliated by aiming for import injunctions for iPhones, countersuing Apple in other regions and not paying rebates to Apple as its patent licenses stipulate.

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