Judge declines import ban on iPhones but sides with Qualcomm

While Qualcomm is still positive about its relationship with Apple, the two companies are battling in courtrooms. Qualcomm had two pending patent cases against Apple in front of the U.S. International Trade Commission. An ITC judge ruled on one of them, acknowledging that the iPhone infringes one Qualcomm patent related to power management technology.

However, the judge denied Qualcomm’s request for a ban on the import of some iPhones into the United States. The judge, Thomas Pender, said “public interest factors” weighed against granting Qualcomm’s request for a ban, according to a Reuters report.

In a statement, Apple said that the chipmaker request for loyalties was unfair as it was referring to technologies Qualcomm had nothing to do with. “We’re glad the ITC stopped Qualcomm’s attempt to damage competition and ultimately harm innovators and U.S. consumers”, said the iPhone maker.

Qualcomm, on the other hand, said it was please that the judge acknowledged the infringement, but “it makes no sense to then allow infringement to continue by denying an import ban. There are many ways Apple could stop infringing our technology without affecting the public interest”.

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