Qualcomm has been feuding with Apple — one side is complaining about unpaid royalties while the other is complaining about the unfair structure of the contract those royalties are being paid under.

The San Diego-based chipmaker filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, requesting an import ban on all iPhones to the US.  In so doing, the company listed six patents of concern that Apple is infringing upon by refusal of payment.

While the focus here is obviously meant for the modems utilized (see part number MDM9645 on the iPhone 7 breaching US Patent Nos. 8,698,558; 8,838,949; and 9,535,490), there’s been a particular onus of attention drawn to new chipsets disclosed in the patent disclosure.

Qualcomm has moved away from naming its chipset parts with the three-letter prefix of “MSM” followed by a nearly arbitrary four-digit number in favor of starting names off with “SDM” along with the corresponding three-digit Snapdragon marketing figure, so the standouts should really pop out. And thanks to Roland Quandt of WinFuture, they do.

The Snapdragon 652 and 653 have been switched off of their former part names, the MSM8976 and MSM8976 PRO, and have adopted the SDM name format. However, only those two SoCs released prior to this year have made the move. What we do expect is that the Snapdragon 440 and Snapdragon 845 will be the topics of conversations to come.

It’ll be interesting to see if Qualcomm will bring its 14nm process for the mid-range 440. In the meantime, there’s ongoing speculation about the manufacture of the Snapdragon 845.

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