Qualcomm’s public attitude when it came to the legal sparring with Apple over royalties and licensing terms had been positive, if not jovial, up until now. Then came the fissures in court and outside of it. The chipmaker had been confident that it would be able to negotiate a resolution and avoid protracted arguments in front of a judge.

However, at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon has decided to stray back toward the middle in tone, but is offering some form of certainty to investors.

“We feel like we are probably near the end of this game,” he said to Yahoo Finance. “We have a lot of legal milestones approaching. We see 2019 as having events that will drive resolution one way or another.”

It’s not clear if resolution will return the Apple-Qualcomm relationship to their normal entreaties: rumors have locked the semiconductor company out of the modem supply contract for the 2020 iPhone with 5G connectivity.

Qualcomm is also facing legal pressure from the industry on the basis of how it may have prevented competition in CDMA modems.

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